Are the acoustics important? 

The short answer is yes. 

We rarely acknowledge the acoustics in our everyday lives, however, this does not change the fact that it has a great impact on our general well-being and even our health. 

This is, however, not an unknown problem. Many people are bothered by noise in their everyday lives. This being e.g. noise from the traffic or the playground nearby. The noise can also come from within your own home - ventilation systems, electric appliances or the squeaky hard wood floors. 

You are probably used to some noises, but they still have an effect on you, even though you do not notice them. 

Noise and bad acoustics affects your health 

Headaches, disturbed sleep, irritability - these are just some of the symptoms bad acoustics and noise can cause. 

So, disregarding the acoustic can mean gambling with your health. 

Besides health issues, noise also affects our general well-being, our ability to focus and hinders communication. 

It's therefore of immense importance that the acoustics in a room is in balance and supports the intended use of the room. 

A quiet home 

We've all been there; we get home from a work day, where the phones have been ringing non-stop and when you have not been in a meeting, your co-workers have been chatting all around you - which has been nice, but now that you are home, you need a calm and quiet space. 

We admit it: Exactly that can be a challenge.

Especially in the late afternoon when e.g. toddlers, pets and dinner also needs your attention. We all know the noise of the late afternoons. Everybody wants to be heard and it feels like the sounds are coming from everywhere getting louder and louder. 

Luckily this can be resolved. 

Click here to read our three steps to better acoustics. 

So, to sum up: Yes, acoustics is of immense importance and it can have fatal consequences for our health and well-being if not optimized. 

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