Dive into our FAQ where you will find answers to questions about payment & billing, delivery & return, installation & maintenance, the products, the acoustics, the sustainability and B2B & retailers.

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Payment & billing

  • I have changes to my order - what can I do?

    Contact us as fast as possible and we will see if/what can be done - call us at +45 63 76 13 00 or send us an email hello@dampa.dk

  • How do I order?

    You order your new acoustic panels via the products page.

Delivery and return

  • Do you ship outside of Denmark?

    Yes, we ship to Germany and Denmark - find more information in our terms and conditions. Do you need panels outside these countries please contact us and we will do our best to find a solutions.

  • My order has been damaged in transportation - what do I do?

    Contact us as soon as possible after you discover the damage. Make sure to photograph the damages and send them to hello@dampa.dk - we will make sure to find a solution. You can also read more on how to proceed in our terms and conditions.

  • Is it possible to return my order?

    Yes, of course - you have 14 days of cancellation rights. You can read much more in our terms and conditions.

  • Can I choose delivery for a certain day?

    Unfortunately not. However you are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.

  • Can I pick up my order?

    Yes, it is is possible to pick up your order at our factory in Tommerup, Denmark. You will however need to make an appointment before hand. Contact us and we will find a solution.

  • What is the delivery time?

    The delivery time is 2-5 work days unless anything else is stated.

  • How much does the freight cost?

    All freight is as standard free depending on where you need the panels delivered. You will find the freight cost in the check-out flow before confirming your order. Read more in our terms and conditions.

Installation and maintenance

  • How do I install my panels?

    The panels are easily installed - find the installation guide rigth here.

  • On what kind of surfaces can the panels be installed?

    You can install the panels on most surfaces. It is however important that you make sure the wall can carry the panels and that you use the right screws depending on the type of wall you install the panels on. Read more in our installation guide.

  • Can I use the panels in wet roms?

    The panels are not suited for wet rooms, and we do not recommend using them in such.

  • Can the panels be installed with adhesives?

    No, to make sure the panels stays in place it is important that you use screws and follow the installation guide.

  • What kind of screws do I need for installation?

    This depends on the type of wall you want to install the panels on. It is important to choose the right screws to make sure the panels stays in place - read more in our installation guide.

  • Is it easy to install the panels?

    We think yes - even Sarah in our marketing departement who is banned from hanging pictures on the walls at home, has installed them succesfully :)

    Find our installation guide and video right here - or feel free to contact us with any questions.

  • Can the panels be installed horizontal?

    No, we do not recommend to install the panels horizontally as there is no way to secure the bottom of the panel.

  • Is there any maintenance on the panels?

    No, but if you need to clean the surface, we recommend to use a damp, almost dry, cloth.


  • Are the colours on the pictures authentic?

    For reference the RAL-colours are

    Black: RAL9004

    White: RAL9010

    The galvanized steel with clear laquer is the natural metal therefor there might occur different nuances from one product to another.

  • What size are the panels?

    The panels are available as standard in 600x1500mm and 600x1800mm - learn more on the product page

  • Can i order the panels in custom sizes?

    Not via our webshop, but we are happy to look into it and see what can be done - please contact us.

  • What are the panels made of?

    The panels are made of steel, with an inlay of glass wool and an acoustic felt.

  • Where are the panels produced?

    The panels are produced at our factory located in Tommerup, Denmark.


  • How does the acoustic panels work?

    The acoustics work as we combine two of the three sound absorbent types - read much more in our "World of good acoustics"-section right here.

  • How can the panels be acoustic when they are made of metal?

    In the panels we combine two of the three sound absorbent types making the panel an acoustic class A.

    Read much more about acoustics through the metal right here.

  • What is important when optimizing my acoustics?

    There is many factors to consider when optimising the acoustics.

    Read much more on our blog right here.

  • How many panels do I need?

    It depends on your acoustical needs. We have put together a guide to help you determine these needs - find it right here.

    Also feel free to contact us.

  • Does it matter for the acoustic experience where I place the panels?

    The short answer is yes - the long answer you will find right here in our guide for the best acoustical experience.


  • Are the panels sustainable?

    This question we can neither answer yes or no to. When talking about sustainability there are many aspects to consider and no definition set in stone. You can read much more about the more sustainable aspects to the panels right here.

B2B and retailers

  • B2B and retailers

    Would you like to become a retailer? Or are you e.g. an architect who wish to use the panels in your next project?

    We are ready to help!

    Contact us and let's start the dialogue.