Our sustainability journey

The future depends on our actions today. This is why we continuously focus on creating greener acoustic solutions, without any compromises to our high DAMPA quality.

We have always optimized our solutions and processes focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling, which is why we do not hesitate to call sustainability a part of our DAMPA-DNA.

"Despite its many advantages, the general understanding of metal is, that it's not a part of the 'sustainable elite' - and that's a shame.

Because if it's ensured that the natural material stays in the circular loop via recycling there are CO2-gains for our planet compared to extrating new material, while you at the same time have solutions that can last for many years due to the sturdiness of the material, meaning that the continuous production of new products is reduced."

-Michael Nykjær, CEO at DAMPA


We are focusing on reducing material consumption and waste. We do this by constantly optimizing our production processes and ensuring that waste is recycled.


Because of the sturdiness and long lifetime of the steel, our products can often be reused after it is no longer serving their initial purpose. Furthermore, it can easily be adjusted for new purposes.


Steel can be recycled over and over without losing its properties supporting the circular economy. At DAMPA we sort and recycle excess materials from the production process as well as use recycled materials in the production of our products.


The DAMPA® Silent Board acoustic panels are produced in steel which ensures a sturdy solution that can be a part of your home for many years and often reused in other rooms if nessesary.

Our steel supplier is the Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB, who continuously work to improve their production. Right now they're working on the ambitious and important goal of reaching a fossil-free steel production in 2030.

We can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

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