DAMPA® Silent Board - White


DAMPA® Silent Board is an acoustic wall panel designed to optimize the acoustic environment in any room.

The acoustic wall panel is produced in perforated steel contributing to a robust surface in Danish design. 

✓  Optimizes the acoustics in your home.

✓  Produced in steel for a long lasting solution.

✓  Sound absorbtion class A.    

Product description

DAMPA® Silent Board is a flexible and easy solution to achieve better acoustics in your home.

The wall panel is produced in steel, which ensures a robust acoustic solution with a long lifetime. Due to the sturdy properties of the steel, the panel is also ideal for busy areas.

DAMPA® Silent Board can be used as a notice board with magnets due to the magnetic properties of the steel - this without losing the acoustic properties of the panel.

Due to the composition of the wall panel, all DAMPA® Silent Boards are an acoustic class A.

DAMPA® Silent Board comes in a variety of sizes and colours to match your interior needs and wants.

Product specifications


  • H1200 x W600 x D50 mm.
  • H1500 x W600 x D50 mm.
  • H1800 x W600 x D50 mm.

Perforation size: 4 mm.

Material: Steel

Acoustic inlay: Glass wool and acoustic felt.

Colours: Black (RAL 9004,) white (RAL 9010) or galvanized steel with clear lacquer.

What's included in the box?

  • 1 wall panel
  • 2 carriers
  • 1 installation guide
How many panels do i need?

The number of panels you need in your home depends on the type and layout of your room including the interor styling.

An acoustic rule of thumb is that to create a good acoustic environment, you need to cover the walls with sound absorbing material equal to approximately 10-20% of the floor area.

Read more about what factors to be aware of and how to determine the number of panels you need by clicking the link below.


Metal is a hard and sound-reflecting surface. But by adding small perforations to the surface as well as a soft sound absorbing layers behind it, it is possible to obtain an acoustic solution in class A.

In the world of acoustics, we distinguish between three types of absorption types that each has acoustic properties.

Read more about how we work with the metal, and utilize the absorption types to create wall panels in the best acoustic class, for the best acoustic experience in your home.


DAMPA® Silent Board is easy to install, with just a few steps. You'll find the help you need to install your new wall panels by clicking the buttons below.

Find the installation video via the installation page or download the PDF-installation guide.


Do you have any questions before you buy your acoustic solution? We are ready to help!